The Ugento Sea, Salento for families

Torre Casciani in Ugento is the ideal place for singles, couples and families who want to spend a vacation on the beach that is only two kilometers away on flat and easy roads. It's a good retreat from summer chaos and confusion.
The Ugento sea is splendid with white sandy beaches backed by dunes and century-old pine forests. The beach stretches south for kilometers to S.M. of Leuca; towards the north, there are low cliffs that are easily accessible. The water is green, bright, warm and crystal clear.
Two miles from the coast, the sea beds rise rapidly up to emerge in some points: here are the famous shoals of Ugento, terror for sailors but a delight for fishermen. Saraghi,  groupers, blue fish ... But the mullets with a mustache have a unique flavor!
There are free public and equipped beaches, boats, jet skis and pedal boats to rent.